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Pet Type : Cats
Pet Breed : Singaporean
Advert Type : For Sale
Council Licensed? : Yes
Pets Current Age : 5 weeks 15 Days old
Neutered : No
Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes




singaporean kittens for sale

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Looking for only devoted and lovely pet.
These British award winning kittens are being shown on our
website. For more details about the kittens we currently have to offer.

All our kittens are reared in our home.
They are all vaccinated, microchipped and wormed.

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Singapura Cats: singaporean kittens for sale

Singapura KittenSingapura is a breed of domestic cat that originated on the streets of Singapore. This shorthaired animal is one of the smallest cat breeds with both large ears and eyes, weighing between 5 – 8 pounds. Its coat has a unique, light beige coloring that has been compared to cougars. This breed of cat is very slow to develop, taking up to 24 months to reach maturity. Singapura’s have an active and curious personality and a pet-quality kitten can be quite expensive, often costing up to $1,500. There is some controversy surrounding the origin of these cats since it has been determined that the original breeding cats for Singapuras were from the United States. Additionally, recent DNA testing has determined the Singapura and Burmese breeds to be extremely similar genetically.


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