Sphynx Kittens Female for sale Available


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Pet Type : Cats
Pet Breed : Sphynx
Advert Type : For Sale
Council Licensed? : Yes
Pets Current Age : 3 weeks 17 Days old
Neutered : No
Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes


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Sphynx Kittens Female for sale Bueautifull Sphinx kitten For sale at Kitten paradize 3 weeks 17 Days old

Sphynx Information

Sphynx Basics

Where Are Sphynx Cats From?

The Sphynx breed is a result of crossing the hairless kittens of a Canadian couple to those of a Minnesotan couple in 1978. The result of this crossing became the foundation of the Sphynx.

Were Sphynx Cats Bred for a Reason? Sphynx Kittens Female for sale

The wildly unique look of the hairless cat made cat lovers want to continue breeding the Sphynx.

How Many Types of Sphynx Pedigrees Are There?

There is only one type of Sphynx.

Are Sphynx Cats Polydactyl?

The mutation for polydactylism can spontaneously occur in any cat breed.

Sphynx Lifespan

The lifespan of a Sphynx cat is 14-20 years.

Sphynx Appearance

How Big Does a Sphynx Get?

8-10 inches tall

How Much Does a Sphynx Weigh?

6-12 lbs

When Does a Sphynx Stop Growing?

12-18 months

What Color Coat Does a Sphynx Have?

Though the Sphynx does not have fur, her skin comes in a variety of colors and patterns including white, black, red, chocolate, lavender, various tabby patterns, tortoiseshell, calico, bicolor, and pointed and mink patterns.

What Eye Colors Can a Sphynx Have?

Sphynx cats can have any eye color.

Sphynx Temperament & Personality

How Vocal/Talkative are Sphynx Cats?

Sphynx cats have a moderate/high vocality.


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