Sales Terms. Read Carefully!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL – NO RETURNS – KITTENS ARE SOLD AS IS. Buyer understands that there are no refunds and no returns. A kitten is in good health and free from any disease at the time of sale as far as can be determined by the seller / veterinarian.


Within three days of receiving buyer shall take the kitten to a licensed veterinarian for a physical exam. A stool analysis might be required at the buyer’s expense. If the kitten is found to have any parasite buyer understands that parasites are common in kittens and considered a kitten maintenance condition and the seller does not cover any parasite treatments. Deworming treatment through the life of your cat will be required. You shall take your kitten to a licensed vet at least once a year for an exam.


Buyer acknowledges that getting a kitten is a responsibility that entails maintaining the health of the kitten. Vet visits, proper feeding, vitamin supplements, and the cost thereof should be expected. Buyer understands that vet bills including but not limited to viral illness, hip issues, patella issues, cancer, spaying/neutering, tests, flea control, and/or any other conditions is a financial commitment. It is a buyer’s sole responsibility to pay those bills at the time of service. We DO NOT cover any bills from vet hospitals, vet clinics even in any case of emergency. The kitten’s health is the sole responsibility of the kittens’s owner. Buyer assume all responsibility for the kitten, kitten’s health and any bills associated with the kittens purchased once the kitten shipped to Buyer. The Seller doesn’t reimburse any bills even when occured right after the kitten delivery.


We encourage buyers to spay or neuter their kittens as early as possible.

Any kitten is being sold as a pet and not for a breeding purpose. Seller reserves a right to withhold the kitten’s pedigree until buyer presents the vet’s letter stating that the kitten undergone spray/neuter surgery.


We cannot guarantee the temperament of the kitten because each kitten is very different and can change it’s temperament over time.


Buyer acknowledges that a safe and suitable home will be provided for the kitten purchased.


As soon as the kitten is ready for travel, the kitten will be shipped within 5-15 days of the date of purchase. The final decision on the shipping date for the kitten will be made by a veterinarian. Shipping is arranged through the third party (cargo brokers and airlines). Sometimes there might be a delay for a variety of reasons including but not limited to weather, logistics, mechanical failures of ground or air transportation or other unforeseen events. Seller shall not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any delay including, without any limitation, those that may cause buyer’s inconvenience or any type of financial loss. Shipping delay can’t be a reason to cancel the purchase of the kitten. Buyer understands and agrees that there are no refund or any credits for flight delays, airport delays, flight cancellations. The Seller is only responsible for providing a health certificate, vaccine records for domestic United States and Canadian flights.


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You ONLY can return a cat in case of genetic disease detected. *Allergy to cats is not a cause for return.


*If a kitten stops using a litter box it is not a cause for return.

*Cat is allergic to food is not a cause for return

*Family members disapproval is not a cause for return

*Parasites found in a kitten is not a cause for return

*Shipping delay is not a cause for return

Thank you for reading!