My entire neighborhood knows Jims quite well at this point as he attracts quite a bit of attention when he is being walked and many comment on how pretty of a Cat he is; he’s quite the little, social butterfly. He is so so playful and he loves to go out for sport . we would not have wish for any other pet than Jims. thanks


Me and my boyfriend bought a Kitten last Saturday of June and I just wanted to let you know how she was doing. She is absolutely perfect and the best little kitten I could ever imagined. She fits into our family to well. She loves us so much, she whines a lot when we leave but she is just precious. We took her to the vet on Tuesday and all checked out fine. I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing Lucie to our family! Thanks again Healthy Bengal Kitten home.


Today we just receive our little Rosy. My son can’t stop playing with him. I also wanna thank you guys for all the certificates and manuals that were also sent to me during the shipping process. thank you guys for the great service .


Thank you Precious Kitten Bradley was and is exactly what I had been looking for in a poodle. In fact, she was so perfect we decided to add her to our family as well. Julia is equally is great, and I so enjoyed getting to know her. We will still keep in touch even after a year later. These two precious little girls are excellent quality Kitten, and I would not hesitate to add another Kitten to my family.


Hi! Just wanted to drop you an email about the male Bengal Kitten we bought last weekend. He went to the vet today and checked out great. Gus is doing great! He is really adjusting well to his new home and surroundings. He is very active and is becoming King, even over our Boxer-Lab mix. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! Thank you again for a wonderful puppy! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone!


Ralph has been the best Cat. He is a real attention getting and he sure does loves every moment of it! Super easy to work with and very helpful. I have already sent friends their way and every one of them have been very pleased. I really am pleased and am thankful for the little my furry baby! He makes my days bright, thanks to Healthy Bengal Kitten .